At HAS we have developed a liquor stock control programme which is easy to use and which can be purchased on licence so that you can carry out your own liquor stocktakes.

This is a much more cost effective way of stocktaking your business than employing a monthly Stocktaker. It is especially useful if your business has a lot of functions, for example weddings, as a stocktake can be conducted on each event. The stocktake programme can be used as many times as you wish within the licence period.

How does it work?
• A HAS employee will come to your business and set up the stocktake programme
• We will count all your stock. This will be entered into the program together with cost and selling prices
• This will give an opening stock value and will also allow you to check GP% margins
• Full training will be given and support will be available over the period of the licence
• The program is licenced to a specific computer for a specific period of time (generally 12 months)
• If the program is required for function bars, this will also be set up by a HAS employee on site

The initial cost is dependent on the amount of time taken to set up the program on site plus any travel costs but starts at £200.00 ex VAT. The licence fee is £195.00 P.A. ex VAT.
Liquor Stocktake Presentation