Hotel Stock Control

Liquor Stocktakes

We have extensive and in depth knowledge of the licensed trade and Chris Pearson was a publican for 5 years. A professionally designed stocktake programme has been produced to stocktake bars and restaurants
Liquor Stocktake Presentation
We have developed an easy to use liquor stocktake program which can be purchased on licence. The program is licenced to a specific computer for a specific period of time (generally 12 months).This is a much more cost effective way of stocktaking your business than employing a monthly Stocktaker.

It is especially useful if your business has a lot of functions, for example weddings, as a stocktake can be conducted on each event. The stocktake programme can be used as many times as you wish within the licence period.

Liquor Stocktakes and Function Bars.

You know the scenario – Your stocktaker says you have a £2K deficit in your function bars. The only problem is that you have two function bars and have had 18 functions so there is no way of narrowing down where the problem is.
To give more control over Function Bar stock control our program will allow you to easily carry out a liquor stocktake on each function, be it a wedding, other celebration or corporate event.
Any discrepancies will show up immediately and remedial action can be taken.

Hotel Food and Beverage Flash Spreadsheets

As well as full Hotel stock takes, costs can be controlled using food and beverage flash reports. These are used extensively in large hotels so that Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers can monitor costs and profit margins throughout a period.

All that is required is that you enter all purchases and all revenue on a daily basis. The report will show you your likely cost and profit margins. Adjustments can be quickly made to keep within budget or forecast figures

We generally provide these spreadsheets free of charge if we are auditing a hotel; however these sheets can also be purchased independently. The cost is £20.00 plus VAT. They will be set up to the requirements of your business – for example, if you provide bed and breakfast we will set up the sheet so that an allocation can be added for each breakfast sold. Full support will be given