Guest Journey

The ability for staff at all levels to recognise, action and prevent key weaknesses in the guests journey is vital for ensuring quality and, as a result, driving sales.

A hotel, restaurant, coffee shop or bar is unlike any other place of business. The demands on it’s staff to consistently deliver the perfect intangible product is high. No stopping for a chat with colleagues at the water cooler, no ‘dress down’ Fridays, no early finish on Christmas Eve. The work is tough, the hours are long and the margin for error is non-existent.

So where to start, how can any hospitality business achieve and exceed the expectations of it’s guests, customers and visitors and ensure that, in the age of the armchair reviewer, it remains highly rated thus driving sales?

The key people who drive the success of any hospitality business are its staff, and by utilising their skills and knowledge of the property to live the guest journey, the property can ensure that its team are constantly aware of the high expectations of its customers.

Duncan Cameron has mapped, analysed, built and championed the guest journey at over 2000 properties and continues to do so. The services we offer are unique

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