Hotel Food and Beverage Flash Spreadsheets

As well as full Hotel stock takes, costs can be controlled using food and beverage flash reports. These are used extensively in large hotels so that Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers can monitor costs and profit margins throughout a period.

We offer food and beverage flash spreadsheets which allow you to track kitchen and liquor purchases and give an estimated GP% in real time (generally a month or financial period). This information is vital to all Head Chefs, owners or managers as it allows for the food and liquor GP% to be monitored through a month.

Adjustments to purchasing, waste, portion size etc can be made to correct any issues immediately. If such a system is not used, the GP% is only likely to be known a couple of weeks later when financial figures are produced. This is too late.

Please be aware that some basic Excel knowledge will be required to complete your own stock takes and food flashes.

Flash Cost Control Sheet Example