Management Accounting Program

Lamplighter Dining Rooms Windermere

James Tasker, Owner

Having tried using various software packages to compile and analyse all of the accounting figures within my business I was 2 years down the line £1,000’s of pounds out of pocket, not to mention man hours wasted and ready to jump out the window.

Upon meeting Chris he answered all of my requirements in about one hour flat and even helped tailor make the spread sheets to suit my specific needs. This allowed me to track how my business was performing on a day by day basis and be able to react accordingly; saving me thousands of pounds and giving me back numerous hours in a week.

I cannot recommend Chris enough for his professional nature, understanding of a business and the needs of the owner to his flexibility and supportive approach. The best contact and money I have spent in the last four years that I have been involved in my business. Thank you Chris!

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